segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Music Info

This weekend will happen some international shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as Chris Brown and others. Until the end of month and the rest of the year,you can wait for some special shows here in Brazil.

Some information now:

Who: Chris Brown
Where: Credicard Hall in São Paulo – May 20th
Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro – May 21st
Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre – May 22nd


Who: Demi Lovato
Where: HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro – May 27
Via Funchal in São Paulo – May 28
How Much: R$ 180 a R$ 380

Who: Aerosmith
Where: Porto Alegre – May 27
São Paulo – May 29
How Much: R$ 130 a R$ 550

Nathali Azevedo - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40

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