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Pass The Plate!!!

This blog is for people who like to cook or want to learn. We post here many different kids of recipes and they're all easy. It is a healthy and funny adventure. So, if you are not a kitchen’s chef, don’t worry, follow us and surprise yourself with your skills.

This weekend we posted here two recipes. One you can do to eat at main mails, lunch or dinner, and another for dessert. They are simple to make and delicious.
So, invite your friends, do it together and search for other recipes.
If you want, send us suggestions of recipes. Remember: “Everyone got together at the time of passing the plate”.

 Let’s go to the recipes!

Xuxa’s omelet – May 22nd

 Ingredients:
- Pieces of ham
- Pieces of cheese
- 2 tomatoes
- 3 eggs
- Ketchup
- Potatoes chips
- Oregano

 Directions:

Chop the ham, the cheese and the tomatoes into small pieces. Mix with a little bit of oregano. In another recipient, beat the 3 whole eggs. In the skillet add butter and put the eggs. After, put pieces of whole cheese and the mix of ham, cheese and tomatoes. Wait until golden one side and turn. Put in a plate and before rolling add potatoes chip and Ketchup.
Bon Appétit!

Fast gelatin – May 23rd

 Ingredients:

- 2 boxes of strawberry gelatin
- 200ml of boiling water
- 1 box of cream
- 16 ice cubes

 Directions:

Put gelatin in the blender and then put the boiling water. Mix for 2 minutes. Add cream and continue mixing. After, put the ice cubes and mixing more. Put the mix quickly in a recipient and then in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Put in little cups. If you want, decorate with pieces of strawberries. And then it’s ready to eat!

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