sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

British Friendship

It seemed to be pathetic

What seemed so monotonous at the beginning became more and more intense. The ''charming'' neighborhood of Ealing Broadway, the cold, the lack of respect between us, the bad mood of the British. None of it could have been different. London was not the same of the first time. I realized this when the trip was ending, imagine my daily routine without those eleven people, hurt and still hurts even today. Only this way we realized that really matters is who we have in life. And in my life they represent the immensity of a friendship.

Mayara Horta - Advanced A - Mondays and Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10

Safe Place

People have many things that consider important, like a car or a friend, but for me, the most important thing of the life of everybody, is the family! That’s why I love to talk and to write about my family!

I have the best mother of the world, she is my best friend, like my safe place... she talks to me everyday about everything, she always worry about me, she gives me the best advice and she loves me a lot.

I don't have a lot of contact with my father and with my stepmother, but I love him and I know that he always helps me when I need and he tries to call me when he doesn't have to work a lot.

I don't have sisters or brothers, but I have cousins that I love so much, they are very nice and very funny. We like to go to the family farm and there are many things to do there, like play soccer or volleyball and it's very, very cool.

I don't have children yet, but I have a dog. It's my beautiful baby that I love so much and I do anything to protect it.

So, I say ‘thank you’ to God everyday, because he gave to us the best gift and the most important thing: our family!

Vívian Amorim - Advanced A - Mondays and Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10

Another Day

“When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty, my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup.”

Sam Lefkowitz

I saw it in a blog and I really enjoyed. Whatever, hey! What’s up?

I’m a little bit happy, because I think I did a good math test today in school, this is a great thing if you are not good in math. Yesterday I should be studying, but i went to Manauara, just to say the news to an old friend, Antônio Carlos, I saw too many people that should be on college or studying for today, but ok, I was also wrong.

Today will be a great day, I won’t go to Cultura Inglesa, because I don’t have how to go, so I’ll call Mauro, I miss him.

Helen Adriane - Advanced A - Mondays and Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10

World Cup!

The Fifa World Cup – Africa 2010

Hello my friends, of four and four years, happen in the world the most important championship of soccer, the Fifa World Cup!
This year, the World Cup will be in South Africa (the first world cup in the African continent).
32 teams were classified to the World Cup, people around the world have their guesses.
All the teams have their chances, but the best ones are: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, England and Netherlands.
The Fifa World Cup starts at June 11th and ends at July 11th (one month).
Let’s support together!!

Let's join Arthur and also support Brazil for the Hexa Championship!!!

Arthur Veloso - Advanced A - Tuesdays & Thursdays - 17:15/18:45

I am the Gamer!

I am The Gamer
Last night I was playing a really cool and high quality game, the name of the game is Call Of Duty Marden Warfare and is a Action war Game.

In this game will be able to choose the kind of class of armory and styles, with play multiplayer mode you can chose many types of team, it depends on the map that you are playing.

This Game Call Of Duty it´s a Online game too. It’s like CS (Counter Strike) A first Person game but there are extra moviments like calling a air strike ,that is really fun XD

Phillip Sidi - Advanced A - Tuesdays and Thursdays - 17:15/18:45

Helping Hand

“When I appeared on the TV programme DEAL OR NOT DEAL and was fortunate enough to win 10.000, I decided to give all the money away.”
This wouldn't have been surprising if she had been rich or famous, but she was a 18-year-old student.
“I gave all the money to a charity which helps orphan children in Rio de Janeiro and where I also worked as a volunteer for the previous three years.” I first visited the orphanage when I was seventeen, and I felt very depressed by what I saw. Then with the intention of helping further that institution, I invited some friends and they saw the reality of these children and thereby to campaign and raise money to help them. When I returned to Rio, I felt relieved because the situation of the institution already had improved and were increasingly contributing to its improvement.

Luciana Garcia - Advanced A - Tuesdays and Thursdays - 17:15/18:45

segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Music Info

This weekend will happen some international shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as Chris Brown and others. Until the end of month and the rest of the year,you can wait for some special shows here in Brazil.

Some information now:

Who: Chris Brown
Where: Credicard Hall in São Paulo – May 20th
Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro – May 21st
Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre – May 22nd


Who: Demi Lovato
Where: HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro – May 27
Via Funchal in São Paulo – May 28
How Much: R$ 180 a R$ 380

Who: Aerosmith
Where: Porto Alegre – May 27
São Paulo – May 29
How Much: R$ 130 a R$ 550

Nathali Azevedo - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40