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Arara Azul

The Arara Azul is a beautiful specimen of bird found in the Amazon rainforest, and especially in the Brazilian Cerrado.

It has a blue plumage with a bare yellow skin around the eyes and tape the same color at the base of the jaw. Your bill is unreasonable seem higher than the skull itself. Their food, while living freely, consisting of palm seeds (coconuts), especially licuri (Attalea phalerata).

This parrot becomes ripe for breeding at 3 years and their reproductive season occurs between January and November. Two cubs are born at a time, and incubation lasts about 30 days. After birth, the blue macaws are about three and a half months in the nest, under the care of their parents until they venture on the first flight. The family life lasts up to a year and a half old when the pups begin to gradually separate from their parents.

It is found in the Complexo do Pantanal where conservation projects secured in 2001 a population of 3,000 copies. This bird is currently threatened with extinction, and the major source hunting, illegal trade, in which birds are captured as pups, still in the nest and degradation in their natural habitat by destroying atropine.

It is found in Brazil, distributed in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Para and Tocantins.

All those interested in protecting the Hyacinth Macaw from extinction may contact our blog - - where you can find all information about this beautiful kind of bird or access the following link below:

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