segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Music Info

This weekend will happen some international shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as Chris Brown and others. Until the end of month and the rest of the year,you can wait for some special shows here in Brazil.

Some information now:

Who: Chris Brown
Where: Credicard Hall in São Paulo – May 20th
Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro – May 21st
Pepsi On Stage in Porto Alegre – May 22nd


Who: Demi Lovato
Where: HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro – May 27
Via Funchal in São Paulo – May 28
How Much: R$ 180 a R$ 380

Who: Aerosmith
Where: Porto Alegre – May 27
São Paulo – May 29
How Much: R$ 130 a R$ 550

Nathali Azevedo - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40

‘Where would we be, If we couldn’t dream?’

It seems yesterday.

One year ago I was really anxious. One year ago I was going crazy. One year ago I was dreaming a lot. One year ago I was really really happy. One year ago I met my inspiration. In 24th may, my dream came true. When The Jonas Brothers announced their World Tour I was sad and happy. Happy because they were coming to Brazil, sad because I could not go. But after months of insisting, my parents let me go to Sao Paulo to see the show.
At the first time, I couldn’t believe that it was happening.
I travelled to Sao Paulo May 23th. There I go met my friends, Sophia and Renata. They went with me to the show, so it was more cool! The night before, I couldn’t think of anything, just about my idols and how perfect it would be.
May 24th, it was Sunday, the most beautiful Sunday of my life. It was a sunny day. I woke up early with a huge smile in my face. I went to the Morumbi Stadium 5 hours before because I wanted the best place I could get.
When I got in the Stadium I started to cry a lot. I looked to the stage and I realized that the tree American boys who made me dream would be there in a few hours. It was so amazing!
At 5 o’clock a band called Cine played some songs. After, Demi Lovato who made a film with Jonas, sang her songs! She is very beautiful and have an amazing voice! Demi’s show ended and I was more excited than ever in my life! At 8 o’clock, the band came to stage and started to play the introduction. Suddenly, The Jonas appeared! I screamed, cried and I was shaking! The whole show they said how happy they were. Between the songs they said: Te amo Brazil! And everybody was going crazy! Was the best show, the best gift, the best weekend of my life! When the show ended I didn’t know my name, I didn’t hear nothing. I was shocking. Summarizing, was perfect.
Everything was one year ago, but it seems was yesterday. I remember every smile, every little moment. I don’t have a photo with them, but I am sure this is not the end. Like Jonas’s song say: ‘Where would we be, If we couldn’t dream?’

Gabi Arashiro - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40

The best band ever!

Today, I’m gonna talk of a very important subject: SCORPIONS, the best hard rock ever.
Well, I don’t even know how I start talking 'cause there are a lot of things to say. So, they formed the band in the middle of 60’s. Klaus Maine, Uli Jon Roth, Francis Buchholz e Jurgen Rosenthal and Rudolf Schenker were the first integrants.
For personal reasons, Uli had to leave the band. Then Matthias Jabs entered in his place, becoming the lead guitarist ‘till today. Years later, Francis Buchholz and Jurgen Rosenthal left. And now, the present formation is Klaus Maine on Vocals, Rudolf Schenker as Rhythm Guitarist, Matthias Jabs as Lead Guitarist, Pawel Maciwoda as Bassist and James Kottak as Drummer.
Recently, they announced the end of the band. That day, I didn’t want to believe, at first, I thought it was a joke, but wasn’t.As a gift to the fans they released the latest album called Sting In The Tail, and a last Tour around the World.

Vinicius Arashiro - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:30

Pass The Plate!!!

This blog is for people who like to cook or want to learn. We post here many different kids of recipes and they're all easy. It is a healthy and funny adventure. So, if you are not a kitchen’s chef, don’t worry, follow us and surprise yourself with your skills.

This weekend we posted here two recipes. One you can do to eat at main mails, lunch or dinner, and another for dessert. They are simple to make and delicious.
So, invite your friends, do it together and search for other recipes.
If you want, send us suggestions of recipes. Remember: “Everyone got together at the time of passing the plate”.

 Let’s go to the recipes!

Xuxa’s omelet – May 22nd

 Ingredients:
- Pieces of ham
- Pieces of cheese
- 2 tomatoes
- 3 eggs
- Ketchup
- Potatoes chips
- Oregano

 Directions:

Chop the ham, the cheese and the tomatoes into small pieces. Mix with a little bit of oregano. In another recipient, beat the 3 whole eggs. In the skillet add butter and put the eggs. After, put pieces of whole cheese and the mix of ham, cheese and tomatoes. Wait until golden one side and turn. Put in a plate and before rolling add potatoes chip and Ketchup.
Bon Appétit!

Fast gelatin – May 23rd

 Ingredients:

- 2 boxes of strawberry gelatin
- 200ml of boiling water
- 1 box of cream
- 16 ice cubes

 Directions:

Put gelatin in the blender and then put the boiling water. Mix for 2 minutes. Add cream and continue mixing. After, put the ice cubes and mixing more. Put the mix quickly in a recipient and then in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
Put in little cups. If you want, decorate with pieces of strawberries. And then it’s ready to eat!

Bianca Suano - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40

Wizard of Waverly Place

Today I watch wizard of waverly place. I like this series, because it is science fiction and comedy. Episode was Smarty Pants.
The episode is about Alex wear smarty pant, because of her, Havard need a one person to go competition of quiz.
It had Boys team and Girls team. Justin mocked team of girls. So it start competition, Alex got the entire question right, but Harvard hate her. Because she answer non question So Justin knew she was using smarty pants. Then she goes out of time, because of some trouble.
So she won the prize of competition of quiz.
This was season3 episode 22.

Leo Beak - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10


I have two cats in my house. One is black and other is white. The black one is called Cookie and the white one is called Choco. They eat a lot, sleep a lot and play a lot. The picture isn’t my cats but they look alike. They don’t really like people and also they don’t like when we hug them. They like to sleep in my bed next to my foot. They are so cute when they sleep.
First time, I didn’t like cats but when I started to live with my cats, I started to like them more and more. I wanted a puppy but my father brought a cat and that was Choco and I brought Cookie when I saw her in the pet shop. That is how my cats are living. They are my little angels.

Tiffany Beak - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10

Brazil Futblog

Football is the sport that hold world loves, are many football teams in the world for ex:Brazil won the world cup for five times and for that Brazil is the football country.
But Brazilian teams have a lot of difficulties because the corruption in the country is bigger than any other country. The world’s best players of football are Brazilians for example: Ronaldinho Gaucho, Ronaldo, Káká, Roberto Dinamite and a lot of other players.
An interesting curiosity of Brazilian teams is that, the first Brazilian team that accepted black people is clube de regatas Vasco da Gama this team for sure is the best Brazilian team.

Vinícius Soares - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 15:40/17:10

Arara Azul

The Arara Azul is a beautiful specimen of bird found in the Amazon rainforest, and especially in the Brazilian Cerrado.

It has a blue plumage with a bare yellow skin around the eyes and tape the same color at the base of the jaw. Your bill is unreasonable seem higher than the skull itself. Their food, while living freely, consisting of palm seeds (coconuts), especially licuri (Attalea phalerata).

This parrot becomes ripe for breeding at 3 years and their reproductive season occurs between January and November. Two cubs are born at a time, and incubation lasts about 30 days. After birth, the blue macaws are about three and a half months in the nest, under the care of their parents until they venture on the first flight. The family life lasts up to a year and a half old when the pups begin to gradually separate from their parents.

It is found in the Complexo do Pantanal where conservation projects secured in 2001 a population of 3,000 copies. This bird is currently threatened with extinction, and the major source hunting, illegal trade, in which birds are captured as pups, still in the nest and degradation in their natural habitat by destroying atropine.

It is found in Brazil, distributed in the states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Para and Tocantins.

All those interested in protecting the Hyacinth Macaw from extinction may contact our blog - - where you can find all information about this beautiful kind of bird or access the following link below:

Saúde Animal
Arara Azul FM
Portal São Francisco

Darlany Hauache - Advanced A - Mondays/Wednesdays - 14/15:40


Hello everyone,

I'm teacher Rebecca and most of you probably know me because I was your teacher once or simply because you saw me around Cultura. Well, I've always enjoyed having fun lessons and for that reason, I decided it would be different to have a project fully developed by my students. And this is how this blog was created.

Most of the students HATE doing written tasks and handing them once or twice to their teachers, so I thought it would be NICE to have their written tasks published online just to make things different. They chose the topic they WANTED TO TALK ABOUT and I told them to go crazy with pictures! =) After all, this is what a blog is about.

I hope you enjoy this piece and if you want to send your work here, feel free!!!

See you around!

Teacher Rebecca